Stickman War 2022


Stickman War 2022 GamePlay:

It’s time to relieve your strength in a fun hack&slash game called Stickman War 2022. If you love an action-filled game, this one is what you have to try. Here at Friv games, you are alone to deal with many enemies at the same time. They have the advantage in numbers but it doesn’t mean they can beat you easily. With special weapons and skills, you can defeat all of them. So, each level requires you to kill a certain number of enemies.

You also face a big boss at each stage. You can’t dodge the attack from enemies. What you need to do to protect yourself is to attack them first. Try to take action quickly and accurately. You have limited HP, then if you get too many hits, you lose. During the battle, you don’t have any special items to collect. By killing enemies, you earn coins. You can use coins to upgrade your HP, power, existing weapons or unlock the new ones. New weapons cost a lot, so you have to save your money to unlock them.

On, the key point is to attack at the right moment. When an enemy approaches you close enough, you can clash with him. If they approach you too close or too far and you attack, you miss and your enemy will take that chance to kill you and you can’t dodge that attack. The new stages are only unlocked when you kill every single enemy in the current one.

Make sure you upgrade your weapons when you have enough money. Good luck to you and enjoy your time in more fun games such as Drunken Tug War and Chaos Gun Stickman.

Controls: Left and right arrow keys to attack.

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