Street Physics


Street Physics GamePlay:

Street Physics is a fun physics-based basketball game where you will explore a new way to play basketball. No team, no fan here. Just you, some spray cans of colors, a ball, a hoop, and several obstacles. Here at, you draw to play basketball. All you need to do is to draw a line, a shape, or whatever you want to get the ball into the hoop. Each level gives you a certain number of times to draw. The colors don’t matter. Choose one, two, or three colors from green, blue, red, and yellow and start drawing.

However, before you draw, you should observe first. As soon as you’re satisfied with your art, click on the down arrow button. The ball will drop and hope that it will land right in the hoop. The match ends when the ball falls out of the hoop. This friv school Games to play game offers 24 levels and the later levels won’t be as easy as the previous ones because you have to lead the ball to bypass several obstacles. These obstacles will block the way and stop the ball from reaching the hoop.

You have to draw the right path, so the ball will end up in the hoop. It’s both easy and challenging at the same time. Sometimes, things aren’t complicated as you thought. Take it easy and you will clear each level without restarting it, even one. When you draw something wrong, you can clear it and start over. Let’s see how much time you need to complete all 24 levels.

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How to play: Mouse.