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Welcome to am impressive online battle royale multiplayer IO game at friv for kids Games – Iron man, Spiderman, Thor, and other heroes gather here. They are waiting for you in an epic battle that you have never had before. If you are a big fan of Marvel comics in particular and IO game in general, you should miss this chance to become one of them.

The rrule is simple. you jump into a battle filled with other players from all over the world and start the fight to become the strongest one in the universe. You start with Captain American, then by collecting multicolor dots on the battlefield, you will upgrade to Iron man and so on. Each character has a unique weapon. Try hard to collect as many dots as possible to grow up.

By upgrading, you have more advantages to become the winner who rules the leaderboard. On, even you are Captain American who has the lowest level, you still can kill the biggest one if you are fast enough. Take every chance to kill as many enemies as you can. Your ranking in the leaderboard depends on the number of enemies you killed, the food you eat and your level.

Attack at the right time to eliminate your opponents and dodge the attack to keep your life safe. Besides, after each match, you will earn some coins. You can use these coins to upgrade your character’s stats. It’s really important. It raises the chance to win. Good luck and fight your best to become the ruler. Enjoy every moment here and in friv land as well as and MLG Edition .

Controls: Use your mouse to move and click to attack.