Tap The Buttons


Tap The Buttons GamePlay:

Are you fast enough to finish a mission within a given time? Come to Friv Land and test your hand-speed with Tap The Buttons right now. Tons of buttons will drop from the top of the screen. They seem to look the same except for their color. However, some among them will blink and your main mission is to eliminate all the blinking ones before they explode and your main objective is to get as many scores as possible.

If you tap and eliminate 6 buttons in a row, you make a combo and get 1000 points. Tap or click to make as many combos as you can to get the highest score. Make sure you don’t touch the bombs because your hard-earned points will be taken away. Besides, if you tap or click on bombs or when a blinking button blows up, you get an X and if you get 4 X, the game is over. Bombs will be exploded by themselves and bring points to you.

So you don’t have to activate those bombs. Just leave it alone. You can see a red line cross the screen. If the buttons stack up and touch that line, the game also ends. In this exciting game at https://m.friv.land/, it’s not hard to get scores but you need to be careful and fast enough to eliminate the blinking buttons before they disappear by themselves. The most important tip to get more scores is to make combos.

If you have any chance to make combos, don’t miss that chance. Hope you have a great gaming time here and don’t forget to check out other worth-playing options such as Spider Man Hard Way and Lay The Egg.

Instructions: Mouse or tap to eliminate the buttons.

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