Traffic Run Christmas


Traffic Run Christmas GamePlay:

Christmas is an important event of the year that people always gather to celebrate this event together. The street seems to be more crowded than usual and you’re in a hurry to go home. Let’s drive quickly but safely in every level in Traffic Run Christmas at Friv Land. Yes, another Christmas-themed game has arrived on our site to give you a new option to enjoy. In this game, your ultimate goal is simply to drive to the finish line without crashing into any vehicles on the way. Can you do that?

To reach the target destination, you have to go through various obstacles, crossroads, and so on. You have to stop your car and speed up at the right time to be safe. It requires a lot of attention and you have to rely much on your driving skills. It’s not easy to react fastly to something that suddenly appears in front of your car when you are driving.

On, this game doesn’t require you to complete each level within a given time. So you don’t need to be rush. It’s ok to drive slowly, stop several times as soon as you don’t cause an accident. Besides, you have only one chance at each level. As you level up, the distance from the starting point to the finish point is much longer and more complicated. More weird obstacles will appear to challenge you. You will be amazed at what awaits you. Looking forward to dealing with them and proving you are a great driver.

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Click and hold your left mouse to drive and release to stop.

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