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It's time to temporarily forget about strategy, action or shooting games to come up with a game more related to knowledge like Related to knowledge but it’s not boring and it doesn’t make you stress, it’s fun and enjoyable. Belong to IO game at friv games io, but you won’t play with other players. You will answer a set of 5 questions by yourself. The interesting part is that you can bet some money on your answer.

You earn more if you give a correct answer, but you lose all if you are wrong. Do you feel excited enough? After completing a set of 5 questions, you deal with a new set. In the beginning, you have 10 people. Each one costs 1 USD and the questions offer 2 or 4 options that you have to choose the right answer and you can bet everything you have on a single answer or divide the amount you have into multiple parts and bet on multiple answers if you are wondering between 1 or 2 or more correct answers.

By doing that, if you are wrong, you won’t lose everything and still retain some money and accumulate in your account. On, after a set of 5 questions, you can go to the shop and unlock new skins or upgrade the character count and character value to earn more in the next turn. Some questions are easy but some are tricky. Bet wisely to keep moving forward. Have fun and don’t forget to enjoy other options such as and

Instructions: Use your mouse to choose the answer.

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