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Trollface Quest: Video Games 2 is a puzzle game at You not only wrack your nerves but also burst into laughter. You feel in a good mood while playing this game for sure. Trollface Quest: Video Games 2 game is available on friuv. How about getting ready to go into troubles and solve them? Much time!

Trollface Quest: Video Games 2 free game is so funny. You use your mind to click the right position. Create humorous situations and put characters in troubles. Take advantage of objects and characters to invent funny situations. Remember to deal with problems in friuv game. Be on top of the world. Prove that you are a smart person.

The game has 10 levels. Each level offers a challenge. You must solve different problems and situations. The setting and scene change, so you never get bored. In the level 1, you meet a cool girl in the forest. She is standing on a cliff. In front of her, there is an ancient temple at friuv player game. You see a golden statue with the trollface. Your mission is to troll the girl. Click on her chest, her body will swell up. She becomes angry and tries to hit the trollface. However, she is so heavy that she falls down the abyss. You win the level 1.

In the level 2, you see a robot and a monster are fighting. You must annoy the robot. Click on its chest. Its helmet will close. The amour breaks down and blows up in friuv online game. The man in the amour shows up and feels embarrassed. You pass the level 2. At the level 3, you see two men. One is short, and the other is tall and muscular. Point the short man so that he poses and prepares for the race. Then click the tall man. He will kick the short man. Nevertheless, the short man sticks to his leg. Point the tall man to make him hop. You finish the level 3.   

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  • Use the mouse to click.
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