UFO Raider


UFO Raider GamePlay:

The Alien, our neighbor in Friv land is now being invaded by Aliens of other races. He is all alone, therefore, he needs our help to protect his planet against the intense attacks. As a friend, let's come to UFO Raider free game now! The enemies will try to dominate the little alien by shooting multiple bullets and dropping explosives and bombs on the planet. It's your task to drive your new spacecraft, fly through the bullets, keep your friend save and destroy the enemy's rockets as well.

It's not an easy task as the enemies will continuously drop bombs on the ground. You need to keep the UFO on the air and swirl around to avoid being hit. Moreover, pay attention to the floating bonus icons and collect them in order to get the advantage. If you manage to collect the protection icon, your spaceship will be protected by a ring for a limited amount of time. If you gain the coins, your scores will increase significantly. All in all, it's all about surviving and reaching the destination in one piece at http://m.friv.land/!

A tip for the new players is that you should stay close to the ground in the most intense situation. By doing so, you will be able to gain back the control and survive waves of bullets. Let's start this fun space game and some other games with the same concept such as Darts Pro and Go Fish!

How to play: Use Z to fly, X to shoot.

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