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1 Line 1 is available on Friv.land. Welcome you to the land of dots and lines. You take an exam to find out the level of power of reasoning. Strike against tough questions. Draw shapes and images just with one Line game of friv 2 com make players have a spring in their step. Wrack your brain and challenge the brilliance.

1 Line free game is an engaging puzzle game. The game has a lot of packages including Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. In the Aries package, you have to get 50 stars. Each star is equal to one level. You win all levels to get 50 stars. The last target is getting enough 300 stars in friv 2 com games. You are supplied dots and blurred lines. You use just one drawing stroke to connect all dots. You also connect lines.

You mustn’t draw one line twice. When you draw a line by connecting two dots, the line is colored. Each level has a separate color. Colors consist of green, blue, red, yellow, violet and so on. You must draw many shapes and images like pentagons, houses, kites, and polygons. You may use hints 10 times. Try to solve problems by yourself. Don’t use up hints! You don’t suffer the time pressure on friv 2 com player games.

You are free to play in the unlimited time. Think many times and draw. If you can’t move anymore, you can replay to start again. The more stages you win, the more complicated shapes are. You take advantage of intellectual capacity to draw images just with one stroke.

If you have a soft spot for this game, rate it highly and recommend it to companions. Take a look at http://m.friv.land/ and join Magic Cube and Connect Lines.

How to play:

Use arrows to move the ball.

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