Only One Color Per Line


Only One Color Per Line GamePlay:

If you like Sudoku, Only One Color Per Line will be your next favorite game. It’s quite similar to Sudoku but it has its own special features. Let’s find out what those features are. Here at, you have a 9x9 grid. You have to fill each row, column, and square with different colors without repeating any colors within the row, column, or square. There are 9 colors in total.

This game offers 5 difficulty levels and you should start with the easy level first because this level comes with the most colored cells and the fewest blanks. The more cells already filled in, the easier the game. First of all, you need to find which square, column, or row that have the most cells filled in. By doing that, you can see which colors are missing from each row, column, or square. You can then eliminate and deduce to decide which numbers need to go in each blank cell. This Frivcom friv online game doesn’t require you to fill the grid with different colors within a given time. However, it does count time.

Try your best to fill the grid as fast as you can. Just like Sudoku, this is an awesome game of logic and reasoning. You should keep scanning the other areas of the grid to find out a chance to fill color. Since there can be no duplication of 9 colors within each row or column or square of the grid, you have to check which colors are already filled within each row or column, or square.

The more you play, the more rules you get to make it easier to fill the grid. Have fun and enjoy other amazing games such as Airport Security and Chikis Chase

Controls: Mouse.

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