2 Cars Run


2 Cars Run GamePlay:

2 Cars Run is not about a racing competition between 2 racers. It’s also not a racing game for two players. Here at friv online Games, you will control 2 cars that move along with each other at the same time by yourself. With only one control mechanism, how can you control both cars at the same time? Well, two cars will auto-run forwards and when you tap or click on the screen, these cars will rotate in a circle.

When you release your hand, the two cars will stay in that position and move forwards. You have to rotate those cars to avoid hitting obstacles on the way. It’s insanely challenging because those obstacles are not placed according to any one rule. Besides barriers, you also face so many challenges. Are you able to reach the finish line? When one car crashes into a barrier, it will explode and one car is destroyed means your driving journey ends at that moment. Do you know any racing games at https://m.friv.land/ where you have to control one car while taking an eye on the other?

This game is unique and it will make you sweat a lot. Like other games about there, the more time you spend on it, the better you play. Your already good driving skills will become even better. The obstacles that you handle are so annoying but they are there to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Something really fun is waiting for you ahead. Drive there and discover now.

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 Controls: Tap or click.

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