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Stickyman Run takes you to a land of hair-raising adventures at You will have to run for your life. If you don’t run, you will be murdered on the road. Hazardous creatures always wait for a chance to kill you. Stickyman Run game is so amusing that you don’t want to stop playing it. Do your best in frivi!

You will be into the Stickyman Run game for sure. You desire to challenge the braveness and reactivity. Take the chance! Your mission is to control a small black stickyman and keep him alive. You run fast on a perilous road full of obstacles such as daggers and wrecking balls. Jump quickly to dodge barricades. The dangerous things are put on the two sides of the road on frivi player game. Be careful! They appear suddenly. You even don’t have enough time to avoid them sometimes. Diamonds will float in the air. You should make jumps to take them.

You can choose 3 styles of stickyman for free. However, if you like to upgrade your character, you must get enough diamonds. Take at least 100 gemstones to develop your stickyman. An online store is opened so that you can buy new stickymen. When you crash into an obstruction, you will lose your life. The game is over in frivi free game. The results including your existing score and the best score shall appear on the screen. It is likely to begin a new turn whenever you want. We make a display of a number of your diamonds so that you have the motive power to collect precious stones as many as you can.

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Controls: Tap the screen to play.  

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