3D City: 2 Player Racing


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3D City: 2 Player Racing is a spooky driving game in Friv.land. You attend hair-raising races and try hard to win the champion. Go on bendy tracks. Compete with talented opponents. What a memorable experience!  3D City: 2 Player Racing game of frivgames is perfect to chill out after a tiring school day. Have fun!


3D City: 2 Player Racing free game is a good way for relaxation. You will be a racer. As you can see from the name of the game, those races will take place in the city. Of course, only racing cars move on the street. You don’t see other vehicles or pedestrians on frivgames 2018. You should drive your car on just the road. Don’t hit signs, buildings or store!


You compete with rivals in 8 levels. It means the game has 8 levels. You have to win in all stages to win the game. You and opponents start the race at the same time. You must follow arrows to drive on the right tracks. Earn money as much as possible. Spend your money to buy new vehicles and upgrade them at frivgames online. If you are the first racer crossing the finish line, you can unlock the next level.


You must finish a certain number of laps in the shortest time to be the champion. The opponents will push you into troubles. Don’t make accidents. Speed up and drive well to surpass rivals. Let them smell your car’s smoke. The garage supply many modern cars with wonderful designs and colors. Get much more money to possess them. The game shows your existing rank. A mini-map shows tracks. Make use of them to conquer the races.


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  • Use up arrow to speed up and go ahead.
  • Use down arrow to slow down and go backward.
  • Use right/left arrow to move to right/left.
  • Use WASD instead of arrows if you want.
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