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Devrim Racing is an absorbing racing game at Control your vehicle through the challenging tracks full of obstructions. Have a stab to surpass other competitors. Upgrade your car to have a perfect driving machine on www juegos friv. Join Devrim Racing game to enjoy our surprising race!
In the Devrim Racing, you will drive a classical car named Citren at first. It is in the classical vehicle list. You either change the color or rim. It is front-wheel drive. There are 3 bars: Max speed, Brake, and Acceleration showing car’s status. You give you $7500. You can use the money to add fuel, improve max speed, brake, and acceleration. Buy modern turbo or Nos in www juegos friv com.

You may purchase new cars if you reach the required levels. You can own a Bristal after you complete level 13. To unlock Chevi, you must finish level 19. We have 108 levels for you to pass. These are huge challenges. Each level has a name and difficult tasks. Level 1 is Circuit. Level 4 is Knock out while level 5 is Speed trap. The names refer to challenging missions and obstacles. You attempt to get golden stars of www juegos friv games while playing. You are able to have 3 stars at every level if you are the winner.

You will attend a race of 4 drivers.  You race on the empty roads of a city. We give you arrows of instructions. Follow guides to move on right tracks. Turn right, turn left, go straight. In level 1, when you crash into buildings or trees, serious accidents happen and you lose a life. You are reloaded to begin again on www juegos friv online game. You drive until you cross the finish line.


After the race ends, a ranking board will let you know the total time, position, and best lap of 4 players. Next, you can restart or back to the main menu. Replay to watch a video of your race and learn lessons from it.
In level 2, you have to finish a race in 15 seconds. If you cannot complete the mission, you fail the game. You will lose the amount of fuel when starting a new level. If you run out of fuel in www juegos friv free game, refill it in vehicle selection screen. You can drive freely, earn money and fuel in free mode.

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Use arrows to control the car.

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