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 If you have a small cell, can you make it bigger? Increase its size by playing at Frivland. Eat smaller cells here to become the biggest cell! Start!

Anyone wants to own the biggest cell in at friv Games online because it means your cell is the most powerful and simultaneously you will get the number one place on the leaderboard. It is really interesting, right? However, becoming the biggest cell is not easy because you can be attacked by others. At the beginning of the game at friv multiplayer Games the best online io game, you will start off as a small cell, so it is difficult for you to survive because your cell can be swallowed by bigger cells any time. Therefore, try to increase your cell’s size by seeking and eating smaller cells. It is not absolutely complex if you have a clever strategy. What do you wait for? Show off your surviving and fighting ability at free friv Games right now!


Use the mouse to control your cell. You can also split your cell by using the Q key and if you want to eject mass, use the W key.

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