Astronaut Us


Astronaut Us GamePlay:

Are you looking for a fun platformer game? Do you want to jump and run around? Astronaut Us is one of the best options that you can find at friv Games for free. You are brought to space and here, you have to go through a lot to keep your life safe. In each stage, you have to jump carefully and use your rope wisely to reach the white star. From the starting point to the final destination, you have to pass a series of obstacles and climb to the upper platform by using your rope.

The rope is the only item you have in the game. You throw the rope to make it stick to the upper platform and it will pull you up. Make sure you choose the right position to throw the rope just like Spiderman shoots the spider net. You’re better to move and jump slowly but steadily because if you are in a hurry, you will easily make mistakes. The mistake here is to fall down while jumping.

On, don’t worry if you make a mistake and die. Instead of playing from the very beginning, you just need to restart that level. You should expect that the later levels are much more challenging than the previous ones. The star is in a position that you find hard to reach. Challenges won’t make you give up, right?

If a game is too easy, you will feel bored after playing one or two levels, but this game is sure to keep you hooked until you conquer the last level. Check it out and don’t forget to have a look at other games such as Om Num Run 3D and Sweet Run.

Controls: WASD to move, Space to jump, X to throw rope.

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