Escape the Dungeon


Escape the Dungeon GamePlay:

As its name, Escape the Dungeon is about escaping from the dungeons. This game is not only fun in gameplay but also great in graphics. You will love all aspects of it. On friv play, you play as Mochi who has been trapped in an infinite system of dungeons subsequence to each other. All dungeons are full of dangers. Many obstacles will try to prevent your escape.

You have to be careful in every step you make because just the wrong step, you can fall into a bottomless hole or be killed by deadly creatures. Darkness covers the entire space. Hidden in the shadows are deadly threats. In each dungeon, you have to find the exit. This exit will lead you to another dungeon and you have to keep finding the exit until you can get out of here. if you see a white light, that is the exit.

At, sometimes you have to press the buttons to exit appear. Try to reach the red buttons and step on them to turn each red button into the green one. After that, you can see the light from the exit. The best thing about this game is that each time you play, you are taken to a new system of dungeons. They are different in structure. That makes each experience unique.

Mochi has no power or special abilities but with your wisdom, you can bring this cute monster to the outside. You can’t wait to have another try after the first time for sure. How is it? It’s great as the intro, isn’t it? Enjoy your journey and embark on a new adventure in other games such as Rope Cut and Boom and Super Peaman World

Controls: Move by using arrow keys.

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