Bloomji Ball


Bloomji Ball GamePlay:

Bloomji Ball is an exciting basketball game that combines the sports genre with platformer and puzzle genres together. Are you curious about its gameplay? Visit Friv land and start experiencing this cool game now. Your main objective is simply to shoot the ball into the hoop on every single level. However, it doesn’t like what you usually see in classic basketball games. There is no opposing team, basketball field, hoop, and so on.

The hoop is placed in different positions on each level and you can’t see the hoop right away but you have to find it. You shoot the ball into the hoop by using a slingshot system. You simply pull the indicator according to the intensity and angle you want to throw the ball, then release it. You can’t move around but the ball can. That’s why the ball acts as your means of transportation. As mentioned above, you have to find the hoop. You can use the ball to teleport and come closer to the hoop. This sounds awesome, right? That’s right.

Unlike other old classic basketballs that you can enjoy at, you have a super ability here. You can teleport to where you throw the ball to. This gives you a wide range of possibilities in terms of creating combos and stylish dunks. Be careful when you teleport. If you fall into the water, you are unable to throw the ball and teleport. As you process, it’s harder to approach the hoop. However, you can restart the level at any time to carry out your tactics. O

nce you get scores, that level is cleared and you can move to the next stage. Don’t forget to get the coins that you earn from previous levels to unlock new characters. Besides, there are other two enjoyable games that you shouldn’t miss: Ball Juggling and Spiderman Penalty

How to play: Mouse to throw the ball and Space to teleport.