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Bottle Shoot Game is an entertaining game at Hold your gun tight. Take aim at the targets. Flying bottles are targets. Then, shoot well. The Bottle Shoot Game in friv co is available now for fans of shooting game. It won’t let you down. Get started to play and feel all excitement!
Free Bottle Shoot Game is great for everybody. It is such an easy and amusing one-player game that you can’t help ignoring it. Your work is to destroy all bottles with a gun and unlimited bullets on friv co online game. We don’t supply the limited time. You shoot until you lose your life. Bottles are flipped from the bottom. They are going fly front of you. Shoot rapidly and exactly to get scores.

You gain one point when demolishing a bottle successfully. If combos are made, you will have more scores. You cannot shoot a bottle, it will fall down. After 3 bottles fall, you will lose the game. If you fail to shoot 3 bottles, the game will be over. Then you may restart straight away. If you play well, another challenge will be given to you to handle your new defiance at free game friv co. Your points are stored, so you may defeat yourself on next times.
We flip grenades. If you shoot them, they will blow up. The game ends immediately. Focus on your bottle and shoot carefully. You can do it right the first time. The fascinating thing about this game is that challenges are offered constantly. The grenades appear more and more. Hence, you don’t feel bored when shooting.
Have you tried it yet? Enjoy our games for free! You will not disappoint. Good luck!

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If you like fun and addictive games – Bottle Shoot is for you! 

Game rules are fairly simple. You have to throw the stone by swipe your finger to break bottles.
There is also combo to get higher score.

★ Photo-realistic bottles 
★ Realistic sound of broken glass 
★ Global leader board


  • Use arrows to move up and move down.
  • Use Space to fire.
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