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Alien Shoot Zombies is a war between two the strongest forces at You are on the aliens’ side. Evil zombies are your enemies. Kill them or you will be killed. This is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to face dead bodies and terminate them. Alien Shoot Zombies game brightens you up in friv cm.
The Alien Shoot Zombies is a free shooting game played online on our website. Both aliens and zombies want to rule the world. They all want to be the winner. Therefore, they are on two front lines. Two armies will fight each other to decide who the king is. Zombie troop has more soldiers than the alien army, but aliens own ultimate weapons. You will become a little green man who shoots zombies on www friv. cm.

Don’t think you can cause aliens’ death like a piece of cake! This game is so challenging. You stand on the ground and hold a gun. That is the only weapon. Use it effectively to kill all aliens. Your foes stand on bases. Perhaps they are on the ground or floating in the air. Choose the right direction to shoot them. You possess the smart bullets which are elastic. They can rebound from bases of friv come game and murder more aliens. As likely as not you kill all enemies by just 2 shots. How awesome they are!

Sometimes you have to open doors to shoot aliens.  Overcome flying shields or use grenades to end rivals’ life. Stiff walls prevent you from shooting aliens in some levels. You must shoot down bombs on the wall so that they explode and kill enemies. Build up the best strategy to wipe out all hostiles.

We have a lot of levels to play. Start the first level in friv come online game. Win it to unlock the next levels. You clear stages one by one. Try your best! Each level has separate setting and challenges; consequently, you never get bored with the game. Your level, score, and bullets are always on the display, so you can know the status to change your strategy. You are given 6 bullets. Use them to kill rivals. When using up bullets, you will lose your turn. The game is over. It’s possible to replay instantly.

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  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
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