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Impossible questions come with impossible answers and weird questions come with weird answers. It doesn’t seem right but it seems right in Brain Explosion at Friv Land. This is a unique puzzle game in which you have to answer some questions. Each question offers 4 answers and one of these answers is correct or the correct answer is not included in those answers. Some questions require you to think out of the box and think logically but others can make your brain work hard but the answer can’t be found. However, it’s hard but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

At the start, you have 3 lives throughout the game but you can buy more lives in the store with the coins that you earn from the right answer. When you give an incorrect answer, you lose a life. Lose all lives and the game is over. You have to play from the beginning. On, make sure you read the question carefully, you may find hints to solve the puzzle hidden somewhere.

Besides, try to remember the correct answers because the latter question may ask you about that and if you have to play once again, you can easily go through some questions. Complete a certain number of the question correctly and you will be rewarded with a skip. Skips let you skip a question if you find it too difficult to answer or simply can’t answer. The game offers 4 skips to earn. Some special questions can’t be skipped and they must be completed. Are you able to conquer all questions in this game?

Let’s check your IQ. Have fun. If you want your brain to take a break, let’s change the experience with other choices of games such as Kitty Scramble and Splishy Fish.


Use your left click to get the right answer.

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