Splishy Fish


Splishy Fish GamePlay:

Splishy Fish looks like an underwater version of Flappy Bird. Yes, instead of flying, you swim, and instead of controlling a bird, you control a fish. However, your ultimate goal is the same. You swim as far as possible without hitting the pipe or coral reef. At Friv adventure games, if you have ever played the bird version of this game, you know how hard it is. If you haven’t played the original one yet, then you will know the difficulty level of it here.

This game can make you stress, mad, and drive you crazy but can give you a great gaming time as well. It’s all about reaction and ingenuity. You have to take action at the right time with enough amount of actions. You fully control the fish. You have to keep it swimming up and down smoothly to avoid hitting the pipe. If you hit the pipe, you lose no matter how many scores you have. When it comes to scoring, you earn 1 point each time you go through a pipe.

On https://m.friv.land/, it is very rare for people to score 10 on the first play in this game. It’s simple but super challenging. Your journey is about going through the pipes. That is the main challenge and the main gameplay of this game. To play it, you have to keep calm and stay focus. In fact, you easily get mad because it’s insanely hard. It seems to keep you playing to set a new record or make you give up right away. Let’s see how you will be.

Enjoy and if you give up on this game, let’s move to other choices such as Mr. Bouncemasters 2 and Kitty Scramble.

How to play:

Use left click to control the fish.

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