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In Brutal, you have to fight using all of your strength in order to survive the brutal battles at It's the perfect game for the players with the strategic thinking, aggressive fighting skills and ability to control the weapons. Each player will be assigned a different character, but the task remains the same. Since it's an io game, the players will be real-time players and they are roaming the same huge map.

In order to level up, you need to walk around hitting other people using your enormous hammers or sharp swords. Don't show any mercy because the enemies will try to eliminate you as well. It's a highly addicting online game for the people who want to release some anger and have fun at the same time. The match only ends if your character dies. Then, you can use your collected coins to go to the store and do some shopping. By gaining the experience points, you can level up your character to gain strength and speed.

As you progress further in this Friv game, your silly caveman can transform into a mighty and strong soldier. At the beginning of the game, it's crucial that you avoid any stronger opponents to keep your character safe. Not only do you need aggressive fighting skills but you also have to utilize a good strategy. All in all, the fun game is available for free, along with some games like Strikers .io and Tornado .io. Let's check them out!

Controls: move and attack by clicking and dragging the left mouse.

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