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The coolest free Color Circle game for everybody in! How fast can you react? Color Circle can test your reaction and help you improve your react ability.


You just need to click the screen when it turns to the right color. How many scores can you get in friv 5 online? Let's have a try!


Color Circle is a simple but engrossing game. If you love colors, you should not miss this awesome game. You will have funny moments when playing the Color Circle free game at friv 5 player game.There is a colorful ring made of red, yellow, blue and green parts. A small dot lies inside that ring.


Your task is to shoot your bullet through the same color part so that the dot meets the bullet. The dot’s color changes continuously. Consequently, you will never get tedious. You have to define timing to shoot the bullet on time on friv 5 online games. If you shoot slowly, the bullet will go into the wrong color part, you will lose, and the game is over. You may get started a new match straightaway. Your score will be stored, so you can challenge yourself and break your own record. Give it the best shot and rule the circle!


How to play:


  • In front of you is a spinning wall of rings consisting of variously shaped tiles.
  • Tap on the screen to shoot balls straight into the core and boom through the circles' rotating armor. Your goal is to hit the protected dot in the center and break the wheel's defense into tiny cubes.
  • Some bricks are smashable, while others block your path. Sometimes they also switch rotation and move to the other side. It's all about your reaction skills.
  • Note: No wifi game - perfect for short offline sessions while waiting for the bus!

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