Circle Ping Pong


Circle Ping Pong GamePlay:

Circle Ping Pong is an extremely fast-paced game that requires your utmost attention. This time, Friv play online wants to bring a simple yet challenging game so that players of all ages can enjoy them. When you take a look at the game screen, you can see that there are two main objects: a black ping pong ball and a black platform.

The black Ping Pong always moves and it doesn't stop. Your task is to move the black platform by tapping in order to make sure that the bar can catch the Ping Pong. You won't be able to move it just by sliding your mouse, but you have to keep tapping to move the bar. The more you tap, the further the bar move. In the normal mode, the ball will move slowly so that you can catch it easily and get used to the mechanism of the game. Due to the unique gameplay, you might take a while to control the bar. However, in the hard mode, the speed of the ball will increase significantly.

You need to stay focus and react quickly so that the ball doesn't fall out of the frame. If you fail to catch the ball, the game is over. Then, you can check your total score and compare it with your friends! This Friv game has bright graphics and the smooth transition, along with two different modes. Try out this game and many more games such as Stickman Pong and The Zen Garden at

How to play:

Click on the screen with your left mouse.

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