CPL Tournament 2020


CPL Tournament 2020 GamePlay:

Which sport do you like? Football? Volleyball? Or Swimming? What about cricket? Have you ever tried it before? Let’s dig in CPL Tournament 2020 at Friv games and enjoy the new experience that differs from other cricket games that you have played or if this is a new sport for you, give it a try and you will find so many interesting things.

This game offers 2 modes including Single-mode and CPL Tournament. Single-mode can be the practice room for you to find out what you have to do in cricket and how a cricket makes works. Basically, your main objective is to get as many scores as you can. Of course, this is a minimalist version of cricket in real life. You play as a batsman who has to hit the ball to the different point areas on the right side of the screen. If you miss the ball and the bat doesn’t hit the wicket, the match continues. However, if you miss the ball and that ball makes the wicket fall, the match stops.

On https://m.friv.land/, when you are confident enough after practicing in the Single mode, you can join CPL Tournament and try to become the cricket champion. Here, you compete against other teams. You can choose to play 2, 5, or 10 overs. Your target is the same as Single mode. However, you have to win 4 matches to enter the quarterfinal. Can you manage to make it? The key is to hit the ball at the right time. Take action too soon or too late leads the failure.

Besides, the ball can come to you at high speed or slow speed and you can’t know it in advance. It’s up to your reaction. Enjoy and check out other fun games such as Football League Sports Game and Kopanito All Stars Soccer

How to play: Tap or click to hit the ball.