Kopanito All Stars Soccer


Kopanito All Stars Soccer GamePlay:

Kopanito All Stars Soccer is a skill-based soccer game that challenges your precision and reflexes. It looks easy, funny, and cartoonish, but it’s not. It’s super challenging. It’s not just about fooling the goalkeeper and getting a score like many games that you may have played at friv Games online free. It’s a serious soccer game where you have to use skills to win. There are 6 players in a team and the goalkeepers of both teams are controlled by AI. In your team, you control the player who has the ball.

There are a few ways to pass the ball between players: a direct pass, a lob pass, and a through-ball pass. Besides, there are a few ways to shoot the ball and you can find all information on soccer techniques in the How To Play section of the game. Use slide tackle to push the ball away from the opposing player, pass the ball to your team player, and score goals.

On https://m.friv.land/, in the upper part of the screen, two skill bars fill up during play. One bar is for your team and the other one is for your opponents. When it fills up, you will receive a random super-move and a glowing icon will appear. Some super-moves can be used to counteract the opponent’s super-moves. However, super-moves are there also based on skills. It means that the better you play, the more super-moves you gain during a match.

Make use of them to get advantages and win the match. Break a leg and make sure you check out other fun games such as Foot Goals and Basket Champ.

Instructions: WASD to move your player, S to pass and change players, D to shoot and slide tackle, F to activate a super-move, Shift to sprint.