Crash Monster Teeth


Crash Monster Teeth GamePlay:

Crash Monster Teeth is an interesting puzzle game where you will face an evil monster. Here at friv Games school, this monster is trying to eat you. Don’t worry because you can stop it if you’re fast and smart enough. All you need to do is to place blocks in different sizes and shapes on the 10x10 game board. When any row or column is filled, the hammer will appear and give you a chance to break a block.

Each time this hammer appears, you can knock out one tooth of the monster. You have to place the blocks quickly and wisely to reach your goal before it’s too late. You just have a certain amount of time to defeat the monster. Time flies so fast. However, you can get extra time by breaking the row or column with a golden ball. In this cool Frivland com game, a match ends when time runs out.

After breaking all teeth of the monster in the current level, you will deal with a new monster who has more teeth. The teeth of the monster increase along with the level you advance. And of course, the more teeth the monster has, the more time you need to smash those teeth. To have time, you have to quickly fill as many columns and rows with blocks as possible. It is just likes what you do in Tetris. Arrange the blocks smartly to break as many of them as you. However, here, you compete against a monster and race against time.

It’s challenging but you’re sure to have a great gaming time. Conquer this game and deal with other challenges in the following games: Blocky Dash and Flappy Poppy

Controls: Mouse.