Crazy Ball


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It’s not time to fight against the bad guys. It’s also not time to think of strategies. It’s time to relax and try something fun like rolling the ball for example. Crazy Ball is a cool and interesting game in which you embark an endless journey with a rolling ball. This game tests your skills and flexibility.

Your mission at friv Games 2019 is to roll as far as you can and collect as many diamonds as possible without falling down or crashing into deadly obstacles. You control your rolling ball roll down an endless slope full of gaps, ramps, obstacles and more. Just by using the left arrow and right arrow to avoid dangers and collect diamonds. Your rolling ball autoruns, so turn left and right is all that you need to do on It’s sound simple but insanely challenging.

Some chunks of slope tilt, some of them are full of dangerous obstacles and so you must react flexibly to deal with the challenges waiting ahead. Go through the boost speed pad to speed up and jump over the gaps easily. If you are wondering what these diamonds are used for, then you can use them to purchase new balls with new looks and some special abilities like diamond multiplier or magnet to collect tons of diamonds at the same time. Once you play this game, you can’t wait to play it several times for sure. Play and earn the best score. Find more fun in other games such as Wind Rider and Buddy Toss.

How to play: Control your rolling with your left and right arrows.

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