Buddy Toss


Buddy Toss GamePlay:

Tossing your children, your pets or inanimate objects may be the favorite activity of many people. However, it’s dangerous. You may get hurt and hurt others. If you really want to toss someone and have fun at the same time, let’s enter play friv Games and search for Buddy Toss. It’s a fun action game with beautiful cartoon graphics in which you can toss your buddy without worrying about anything.

Wait the buddy falling down, toss him at the right moment and make him go out the galaxy, the rule is simple. On http://m.friv.land, you control a big wrestler to toss a slim guy up one time after another. Each time, he will go higher and higher. Let’s see how far can you make him go up. Don’t make him fall to the ground, otherwise, the game is over. The key in this game is about time.

You must click or tap at the right moment to toss him right back up. When the poor guy falls just above the wrestler’s head is the perfect time to toss him back. As he goes up, the environment also changes, the speed also increases and he becomes tiny and you will find it hard to determine the right time to raise the wrestler’s hands to catch him and toss him one more time. The game has simple gameplay but also challenging as well. So, what is your highest score? Are you able to send him to the galaxy? Check it out now. Have fun with other games such as Tiny Farmer and Mighty Viking

Controls: Use your left click to toss the slim guy to the galaxy.

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