Crazy Chase City Simulator


Crazy Chase City Simulator GamePlay:

You are in danger now. Armies, police and other forces are chasing you at all cost. You don’t know why you are arrested but it’s not time to find the reason. Let’s escape first. if you want to get some exercise instead of sitting still then try Crazy Chase City Simulator and you will not rest for a long time because you are being chased so hard by police and other forces. Here at friv unblocked, let’s find the reason later. Now, you have to run but not on foot. You escape from them by an automatic skateboard. What is your goal? Simple survive as long as you can to set a record. Then, you can break your record next time. Just move around, break everything and overcome all barriers along the way to avoid police. Don't run in a straight line but wriggle. This makes them find it harder to catch you.

On friv 2020 , they won’t chase you in the normal way. They use violence and weapons. You are being chased by a dinosaur, a helicopter, tank and more. They shoot, throw bombs on you. Dodge them at all cost to save your life. Let’s see they are better or you are better. Embark on an endless chasing adventure. This may be the craziest journey you have ever had. Remember to avoid running to the corners and stay away from the big obstacles. You can shove a chair, or trash and barriers but you can break the wall or push a bus aside to open the way. Good luck! Enjoy other amazing adventures in Earn to Die and Train Driving Simulator

Instructions: Use arrow keys to move.

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