Wolf Simulator


Wolf Simulator GamePlay:

Wolf Simulator is an entrancing and cool game which gives you special memories at Friv.land. You will help a wolf to survive in the woods and build a family. Numerous obstacles are waiting for you to overcome. The Wolf Simulator free game is now ready in juegos friv 2. Let’s start a brand new journey and hit the road!

Wolf Simulator online game is really worth playing. You will take a role of a wild wolf trying to maintain your life and find a partner. You type the name for your wolf. Choose gender: male or female.  Now you are a real carnivore. You are in a green field near a village. You can see farmers, cattle such as sheep, cows, and pets like dogs and cats on juegos friv 2 game. You also see wild animals like bears, antelopes, wild boars, and panthers.  The wolf can attack them and they also can kill you. Carnivorous animals are dangerous. You must run away from them or fight against them. It depends on the situations. You had better improvise.

If you are killed, you will be able to retry immediately.  It is hazardous in the forest. You should watch out for life bar at juegos friv 2 player game. The wolf is very smart. It may do many tasks and get coins for it. In order to restore health, you need to eat meat. If you lick up meat, you can feed your family. Your family members will become stronger by eating meat. We give you information about your family members.

You can customize the appearance of the wolf. You can change skin, magical glow, face, facial hair, tail, eye, legs, and back. However, you have to use the money to buy new skin colors and glow effects in juegos friv 2 online game. You even may improve characteristics of your family. Use the map to define your position and find the nearest job.  There are 4 bars showing your health, strength, money, and food.

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How to play:

  • Use arrows or W A S D to move.
  • Click the left mouse button to attack.
  • Use Space to jump, Shift to run.
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