Dragon Slayer FPS


Dragon Slayer FPS GamePlay:

Dragon Slayer FPS is not like some FPS games that you have played. In other FPS games, you may encounter the real players, and all of you battle against each other to win. However, in this game, your enemy is not human but skeletons and bone dragons. Sound exciting, doesn’t it? At http://m.friv.land/, you are alone exploring an area but skeletons and bone dragons appear everywhere.

They seem to approach you. Be caution! With a gun on your hand, you must fight back to keep yourself safe and get out of here before it’s too late. They are hostile and they seem like they can’t wait to kill you. If you do nothing, you will die. Get ready, defend, and attack well to survive. On kids friv, if you get hit, your health drops a little bit. If it drops to zero, you die. Don’t let this perspective happens.

Aim right to their head or other body parts to shoot and say goodbye to them. A headshot makes them die right away. You should shoot them when they still stay far from you. If they come too close to you, you can’t deal with them. Look at the minimap to find out where they are to be more ready to handle.

This game offers 3 game modes with 3 difficulty levels. Have a look at them and play like the way you want. However, it’s better to go with the easy mode first. It makes you get familiar with the game. Have a great time here and hope you still alive to explore new adventures in other games such as Dracula, Frankenstein & Co and Run Into Death.

Instructions: Arrow keys to move, mouse to change your view, and left click to shoot.

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