Drag Racing Rivals


Drag Racing Rivals GamePlay:

The underground world has so many things to discover and underground street races are must-join activity here. Do you want to experience it? It's exciting and tough at the same time. Drag Racing Rivals brings you to underground duel racers where you have to win over your opponent in every race. Here at friv games online 2020, in each race, you race against only one racer. So the winning ratio is 50:50.

You have 50 percent of losing and 50 percent of winning. However, you raise your chance of winning if you are skillful and lucky enough. This game is quite unique as it features an interesting view instead of a first-person view like other games. You may feel confused at the beginning but after a while, everything is ok. Every second is important here. Just a second, your opponent can surpass you and leave you behind.

On http://m.friv.land/, there are so many great racers but you may be one of them. Take every chance and make use of everything you have to come to the finish line before your opponent. Have a great start also matters. Besides, by using nitro boost and shifting at the right moment, you also win easier.

If you are the first one to reach the finish line, you reward with some cash. You can use cash to upgrade the current car or buy new ones in the store. A better car gives a better result. To be faster than your opponent, make sure the indicator is in the green zone. Good luck and don’t forget to try other games as fun as this one such as Tank Mayhem and Highway Car Race 

Controls: Up arrow key to speed up, N to use nitro and right arrow to shift.

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