Dubai Police Parking


Dubai Police Parking GamePlay:

It’s widely known that police in Dubai drive the most awesome police cars in the world. Their cars are mainly the fancy sports cars with cool features and great speeds to assist them in capturing the criminals. But since the cars are so high-end, the task of parking them is not an easy task. It takes special skills, caution, and care to park these cars perfectly without scratching them.

Players will not have to waste time looking for a parking spot as on each level, you will be guided to park in the chosen spots in the parking lot at Friv games land. Your only task is to make sure that your car doesn't hit other cars and doesn't collide with the obstacles in your way. You get a limited amount of lives. Keep in mind that every time you hit something, you lose one of these lives. When your lives run out, the game is over!

Pay attention to the side which your car must be facing when you park it. This means that you need to park according to the front and the back marks. For players who have completed some levels, new challenges and more vehicles will be unlocked so that you can continue playing this friv 1 player game. Are you confident that you can park these fancy cars? Keep a steady hand and try out some more games like Ado Stunt Cars and Highway Rider Extreme at


Drive with arrow keys and handbrake with the spacebar.

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