Police Cars Memory


Police Cars Memory GamePlay:

When reading the name, most players may think of a racing game, but Police Cars Memory is an interesting puzzle game helps you improve your memory and bring you an entertaining experience. Instead of letting you control several hot cars, this game offers various images of different cars and your objective is to find all matching images. It offers 4 difficulty levels as 4 stages.

Here at friv free Games, you flip a couple of images to find the matching ones. They are placed in different positions. If you miss this time, you need to try to remember the position of the cards that you've opened and use them later. You should play from the easiest level to the hardest one.

The easy mode offers a small number of images. It includes a total of 3 couples. The medium mode offers 6 couples. There are 10 couples of images in hard mode on http://m.friv.land while the expert one has 15 couples. It means you will find it harder to remember the position of the images as you level up.

Because there are so many kinds of cars and some of them look quite similar, it makes you overwhelming and hard to remember. If you want to test your memory, then you should try this game. Let’s see how long you can complete the hardest one. If you stuck in any level, you can ask your friends for help. Two players are better than one, right? Conquer other games with different themes and gameplay on our site such as Ultimate Runner or Super Chick Duck.

How to play: Use your mouse to flip each image.

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