Dungeon Time


Dungeon Time GamePlay:

Are you brave enough to escape the dungeon in Dungeon Time free game at http://m.friv.land/? It's an interactive game in which the players need to interact with the objects to find the way out. There are many puzzles that you need to solve in this Friv game, so it's the perfect game to train your thinking and brainstorm a little bit. With this kind of game, there is no right answer. The only thing we care about is whether you can escape or not. Therefore, the game will stimulate and enhance the creativity and activeness for all players.

At the beginning of the game, your little soldier will start new but keep the loop. The older he is, the weaker he becomes. You have to come up with the smartest strategy and choose from the decision to either spend his loot on weapons and upgrades or to buy back lost character's lifetime. On the top of the screen are the HP score and the age of the character. It's best to keep track of the information to know what to do next. Because the dungeon consists of not only dangerous cute monsters, but also a time distortion, you can manipulate time and resources to win this game.

When you are ready, flip the dimension and go back to the dungeon to fight the monsters. It's a unique game with strange features, but we guarantee that you will have fun with it! Come and check out other interesting games like Tank Game Online and Platform Jumper with your friends!

Instructions: interact using the mouse cursor.

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