Endless Truck


Endless Truck GamePlay:

You want to experience something fun but thrilling, do you? Get on your monster truck and enjoy the best journey ever in Endless Truck - an awesome driving and racing game. Enter the game world, start your engine and have the most memorable experience ever in a track full of obstacles and money. How can you overcome all dangers and collect every single dollar at friv free online Games?

It’s all up to your driving skill. Complete all challenging but fun missions in the game to earn more money and upgrade your monster truck in the garage. Purchase other parts to customize and make your monster truck become better, faster and cooler. Mission varies as the game processes. You may have to perform 1 front flip or backflip, collect 150$ or more and do a perfect landing.

However, try to perform as many flips as you can to earn bonuses and transform into the fire mode and go crazy. Remember that when you see the caution signs, you must stay alert to jump over the explosions. Otherwise, you get damage on http://m.friv.land/.

Besides, don’t forget to collect fuel cans to refuel your monster truck, so you can drive further and drive all day and all night long. You will stop when your fuel is gone. Finish the current mission to unlock the next one. Have a safe journey. Enjoy other driving or racing experiences in these following games and choose your favorite ones: Furious Road and Derby Crash 2.

Controls: Spacebar to jump, up arrow key to perform front flip and down arrow key to perform backflip.

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