Race Monster Truck


Race Monster Truck GamePlay:

You may play with waterslide a lot when you come to the water park. However, you don’t use any tools or types of equipment to slide down the slide. In Race Monster Truck – a unique racing game at frivgame 2020, you will race against the best racers in the slides. Does it sound weird? It’s true.

The racing track is a huge slide with many curves and turns that you have to deal with. The surface is quite slippery because the adhesion is low. It doesn’t like the road covered with asphalt. You have to drive carefully as twice as normal. An interesting feature in this game that you will find out soon is that in each race, you don’t have to be in the first place to join the next race. You can reach the finish line at any place and start the next race immediately. 3 interesting and challenging game modes are included. Each mode has unique gameplay and gives a different experience. In the Free Ride, reach any position and you can enjoy the game as the way you like.

On friv Games, Career mode includes 7 levels and each stage requires you to rule the first place. And in the Survival mode, your objective is to reach the finish line within 80 seconds in 7 levels. Try to conquer the first place to set your record. Be careful when you pass each curve and turn. You can be pushed off the road by other opponents. Other racing games are available for free, so you can play every time you want Demolition Derby Simulator and Super Car Zombie are the best one for you.

Controls: Drive by using your arrow keys and Spacebar to use a brake.

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