Fire And Water Geometry Dash


Fire And Water Geometry Dash GamePlay:

Fire And Water Geometry Dash is a sight for sore eyes in You disguise a block which contains a power of fire and ice. It probably changes from a hot cube to an icy block. It shall embark on a journey to find the way out. Fire And Water Geometry Dash game gives players a buzz on triv games. Give it a try!


Fire And Water Geometry Dash free game is an amazing game. It is an adventure of a block through two worlds of fire and water. You will control it to overcome all difficulties. It isn’t a piece of cake to win this game. The block will go ahead continuously. It just can run and jump at triv games player 2018. Jump at the right time and make the exact height of jumps.


If you fall down or touch water when you are still fire, you will die immediately. You are respawned automatically to continue the adventure from the beginning. Remember that fire and water are fighting each other. You must switch yourself if you enter the water world. You are flame in fire world and you must turn into water to go into the ice kingdom. There are gold stars on the road of triv games online. Collecting them is one of two missions. The missions are getting stars and keeping alive.


At first, you are a fire block. Run and jump over holes. Turn into the water, run and jump. Avoid wrecking balls. Nerves will work hard while you play this game. You will go through gates to meet strange things. You can speed up or use a rocket to fly. The rocket can take you to destinations in the short time. Spikes are very dangerous. Jump over them. The block moves so fast, so react quickly. Jump and switch rapidly.  


Not only perilous obstacles but also extra bonuses have been waiting for you. Enjoy! We are very honored if you comment, share and rate this game. Explore similar games like Impossible Lite Dash, Geometry Dash Neon Subzero, and Geometry Jump at



  • Use the mouse to play.
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