Gobble Dash


Gobble Dash GamePlay:

Do you need something fun and simple to entertain? How about slithering again in a new style? Let’s jump in to Gobble Dash and play for free at friv Games online. It’s really worth to spend time on playing. Basically, it’s a fresh combination of Snake and Pac-man. You slither, eat glowing dots and grow up in Pac-man’s style. It’s just like you play 2 gameplay of 2 different games at the same time.

Your main objective is to slither in a maze as same as Pac-man and gobble up all of the pellets without bumping into your own body. You only can move to the next level if you eat all the food on the maze and you don’t hit into your own body. The game doesn’t require you to finish a level in a certain amount of time, so don’t be rush. Just slither slowly and carefully, find the right path that doesn’t you eating your own tail.

On http://m.friv.land, each level has a different structure of maze. And it becomes more complicated as you level up. You’re under no time pressure whatsoever, so it’s ok to cross the same path several times as soon as you complete your mission and have fun. Be careful when crossing the tight spots. These areas are the hardest challenges. When your snake is still small, you should conquer the tight spots first. It’s the best strategy for you. Enjoy more games as fun as this one such as Sack Race and How Dare You.

Instructions: Use Arrow keys to move.

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