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Flappy Dunk Online is an enthralling ball-shooting game at Friv.land. You get a ball through the basket like a real NBA member. Flappy Dunk Online game is a wonderful selection to remove anxiety in free friv. Don’t fall down. Drop the ball at right time. How about getting a kick out of playing straight away?
The Flappy Dunk Online game is a free one-player game. This game is inspired by basketball which is a popular sport in the world. If you love sports, this game is perfect for you. Your duty is to control a ball and drop it through the hoop. The court is an indoor sports center. We offer you a ball and many baskets on free friv games. Our ball is unique because it has a pair of white wings. You have to make the ball jump and fly so that it goes ahead. A bunch of hoops is put on the way. Drop the ball off the baskets. Get the ball rolling! You are given a score for each successful drop.
You are not forced to play in a certain amount of time at free friv player games. Don’t be quick! We will change basket’s position and height. We keep moving the goalposts. Watch out! Concentrate and move the ball flexibly. Make excellent shots. It is a little bit difficult at the beginning. Nevertheless, practice makes perfect. You will play well like a sportsman.  
When you make good shots like combos, you will have a pink diamond. Take diamonds to buy many good things on free friv online games. We have a shop so that you can buy new balls, wings, and rings. However, you have to get enough gemstones to purchase them. Each new piece of equipment costs 50 diamonds. Balls have many different designs and colors. If the ball touches the ceiling or floor, the wings will be broken. You lose the game. If you miss any hoop, you will fail the match too. Fortunately, you probably replay.
Flappy Dunk Online is an online HTML5 game at http://m.friv.land/, it's playable in browsers such as safari and chrome. You can play the game on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone). We are waiting for your feedback, sharing, and rating. Come to play with us! Discover more terrific games like Street Ball Jam and Dunk Ball in friv land. Pull your finger out!

  • Tap the screen to move the ball.