Slam Dunk Basketball


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Slam Dunk Basketball is an easy but addictive ball-throwing game at You will experience like a true basketball player. Slam Dunk Basketball online game must be a good choice to kick back, have fun and release stress! Don’t hesitate to join us and learn to play basketball free online.
The Slam Dunk Basketball game is a one-player game on free friv games. If you love sports, you can’t miss this game. You have to make dunks to get the ball through the basket. We give you a ball and a basket for every dunk. You get a score for each successful dunk. In a certain amount of time, you need to gain enough scores at friv play games for free. Therefore, act quickly to throw the ball exactly. We will change basket’s position and height, and direction from which the ball appears, so be careful with abrupt changes. Sometimes, basket’s height varies continuously while you control your ball at the online game friv. It is quite difficult at first. However, try hard and get used to that. You will definitely play well like an actual NBA sportsman.  
There are stars floating for you to take. You control the ball’s movement to get stars. Collect stars during your playtime and earn points to unlock new balls and feel free to change the background color from online friv games. You must try to score as many as possible until your run ends. If you do not get enough scores, you will fail then you may restart at once.   
Let’s find pleasure in Slam Dunk Basketball. You take a chance to sharpen your aiming skill. Challenge and train yourself in
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Click the screen to move the ball upwards.