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Flappy Shooter GamePlay:

Flappy Shooter is more of a shooting game at Friv.land. It soothes you if you are under depression. You are a shooting machine finding a way to escape from the dark world. Every object is dangerous. Borders seem perilous too. Flappy Shooter game propels players to merriment and joy in jogos friv.com. So much fun!


Flappy Shooter free game may give you joyful moments. You are a small shooting machine. You have shoot blocks to clear the path and go ahead. You go towards. However, you must keep balance and hover to avoid dying. If you hit the borders of the board, you will lose the game immediately on www jogos friv.com. If you crash into blocks, you will die too.


Blocks are arranged in lines. A line consists of 7 blocks. You shoot to destroy them. Each block has a number which refers to the number of shots you make to damage it. For instance, a block has number 3. That means you have to shoot it 3 times to eliminate it. You tap the screen or click to control the gun. When you tap, the gun will jump up. You tap in a row, then the gun jump higher and higher at online jogos friv.com.


You should shoot blocks with a small number to move forward easily.  You have one life and you will lose it if you touch blocks or two sides of the board.  You gain scores if you shoot blocks and go far in your adventure. You have bonuses or stars on the way. Some blocks contain stars. Destroy them to collect stars. You can speed up or shoot many bullets at the same time if you get special bonuses.


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How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play or tap the screen.
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