Foosball GamePlay:

Foosball is a fascinating game of It is based on the most popular sport in the world, football. Players are puppets which is stick to bars. You control bars to move footballers. You are both players and coach. You are full of the joys of spring when enjoying Foosball game at friv unblocked free. Much time!

Foosball free game seems to be an excellent way to relax. The game has two modes. In the first mode, two players compete with each other. You are player 1 or player 2. In the second mode, you play with CPU. Choose the mode you want. There are two teams which are a red team and blue team in friv unblocked free game. You see a board where players play on. Each team has 10 players. You control your players.

Each player only plays on their line. They just move in the vertical direction. We count the goals you score. You see the existing of two teams. Let’s get started! You can control both teams or invite one friend to play together in the first mode. Players will pass the ball, kick it and try to make goals on friv unblocked free online game. The team who scores seven goals first will be the winner and the other team is the loser. When the winner is found, the game is over. You can begin to play a new match. We don’t apply the limited time, so feel free to play. You’d better act fast and respond flexibly to achieve victory.

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  • Use up arrow and down arrow to control the red team.
  • Use W S key to control the blue team.