Super Hero Soccer World Cup


Super Hero Soccer World Cup GamePlay:

What would you do if you have the chance to lead a team full of superheroes and head to compete in the 2018 World Cup? In Super Hero Soccer World Cup online game from Friv play, you can experience this amazing game and play football alongside the heroes that you love.


When you start off the game, you can choose your team's nationality, the captain of the team and the level. The captain is your main character, so take the time and choose wisely. There are numerous heroes such as Superman, Captain America, Batman, each with his special ability.


As you join the match, the rule is the same as a real football match's rule. You need to coordinate the members of your team and move in sync so as to bring the ball near the opponent's goal. And when the timing is perfect, try your best to aim for the goal and shoot the ball immediately. Just like any normal football match, the key to this game is endurance and teamwork.


Only in this unique game will you have the chance to experience a fun game with the superheroes and enjoy the beautiful graphics. The characters are also carefully designed and drawn, so don't hesitate to play the game now at! Choose your team and compete in more soccer games like Football World Cup 2018 and Speedplay Soccer 4


How to play:

Move with the arrow keys or W, A, S, D

Use the Ctrl key to kick

The space bar to pass.