Foot Goals


Foot Goals GamePlay:

Who loves football? Raise your hand. Are you here to find a great football game to play in your free time? There are so many great options on Friv Land but let’s check out the latest one first. It’s named Foot Goals. Instead of managing a club or guide a team of 11 players to victory, it’s simply about shooting a ball to the goal and try to score as many as possible. The first thing you should do is to practice in Practise mode.

Here, you can try different shots and get familiar with different situations that you may face in the field. After you feel that you practice enough to enter the real match, just choose from Tournament, Time, and 2-player mode to start. In three modes, your main objective is the same. The difference is how you reach that goal.

At, let’s dig into each mode in detail. There is a bar in the Time and Tournament mode, it likes a timer. When time runs out, the match ends. In Tournament mode, the match keeps going as soon as you keep scoring. With a fail shot, the bar will become shorter a little bit. In Time mode, you have to shoot as many as possible before the bar is empty.

To goal, you have to observe the position of the goalkeeper. If the goalkeeper stands in the center of the goal, it’s better to shoot the ball close to the corner. You have to adjust the angle and strength of each shoot. It’s hard in the beginning but you soon master the shot. Enjoy the game and have other games such as Basket Champ and Baseball Kid a try.

Instructions: Mouse to finger to shoot.