Basket Champ


Basket Champ GamePlay:

Games about sports vary in concept, style, and gameplay. On Friv basketball games, basketball games always attract a lot of players and today, let’s discover the latest basketball game that promises to make your surprise in how it can be played. Forget the usual way of playing basketball and learn a new way in this game. If you don’t know how, just play the first level and you can become the master of basketball.

Instead of controlling a basketball player to move around and throw the ball to the basket from afar, instead of competing against an opposing team, you will discover a single tap or click-based basketball game. The ball will appear from nowhere and you have to tap or click on the stick or something used to throw the ball at the right time to send the ball to the basket. At, yes, you won’t control the ball directly. Timing plays an important role in making the ball reach the basket. If you can’t define the right moment to take action, you can’t reach your goal.

The level ends when the ball drops. Sometimes, you can collect some items that give you bonuses. This game is extremely challenging. you can't be 100% sure you'll throw the ball right into the basket. Skills and a little bit of luck are what you need. However, the more you play, the more skillful you are and you will become more proficient. Dunk the ball in the basket is a challenge and you manage to master it.

So enjoy your time here and don’t forget to find your favorite games on our site. If you haven’t had any choices yet, try out Penalty Champs 21 and Baseball Kid.

Controls: Tap or click to play.