Fun Halloween Jigsaw


Fun Halloween Jigsaw GamePlay:

You will find a lot of fun on Halloween. There are so many things to do and to enjoy but is it great to play a fun game with every member of your family and friend? Fun Halloween is here at friv Games play to give you and your family and friends a great gaming time. This is a jigsaw puzzle game about Halloween. It offers 12 levels as 12 pictures of Halloween.

Each level has 3 modes including Easy where you deal with a puzzle with 12 pieces, Medium where you have to assemble a complete picture of 49 pieces and Hard that challenges you with a puzzle with 100 pieces. The Hard mode is great for the whole family or a group of friends play together. Like other jigsaw puzzles, you have to create a complete picture from a certain amount of pieces. The best of this game is that it’s about Halloween and it doesn’t require you to finish each level in a given time.

So take your time to assemble each jigsaw puzzle on You can find it easy to conquer the Easy mode or even the Medium but it’s insanely challenging to master the Hard mode. When a picture is divided into 100 small pieces, you have to apply some tips to solve the puzzle. If not, you may have to spend a whole day to finish it. You should group all pieces that have the same color and the pieces from the edge of the picture. That helps you speed up the assembly process.

The more players join the puzzle, the faster the puzzle is solved. So why don’t you play this game with someone else? Besides, don’t forget to check out other choices such as Adam And Eve Night and Jewel Dash.


Use your mouse to assemble the jigsaw puzzle.

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