Guess Number Quick Math Games


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Guess Number Quick Math Games is a fun game about math. Are you good at math? This game is about mental math. Here at, your main target is to carry out all addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction as fast as possible before time runs out. You have only 15 seconds in each level. Each level requires you to carry out addition, multiplication, division, or subtraction and offers you 3 options to choose from.

Think fastly to click or tap on the right answer and move to the next level. Don’t worry if you choose the wrong answer for the first or the second time. Only when you fail for the third time, do you have to restart the game. Of course, like other level-based games that you may have played at friv4school games, the challenging level of this game also increases as you level up. You will do the math with bigger numbers. Addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction are harder and you always know that the bigger numbers, the harder to do the math, right?

This is an educational game that suits all ages. Children play and learn at the same time. There are 3 game modes in total. The first mode includes addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction. The second mode includes addition and subtraction and the final mode includes multiplication, and division. You know what is the most challenging mode, don’t you? Choose one and boost your brain to 100%.

How many levels can you conquer in a row? Don’t answer randomly. You have enough time to carry out the math. Have a great gaming moment here and make sure you give other exciting games a chance. Besides, stay tuned to welcome new additions. Enjoy more games like Filled Glass 3 and Wood Gems.

Controls: Mouse.